Update On Cows + Dawn Chorus Event

FullSizeRenderThe cows will be brought into North Lane Pasture on Thursday lunchtime, subject to the weather, where they will stay for a few days before being released on to Hob Moor. Please be careful for the first few days until they settle down in their new environment.

Cows have grazed on Hob Moor for hundreds of years and they play a major part in maintaining the land, butterflies, bird life and wild flowers natural to this area designated by Natural England as a Local Nature Reserve. It is a requirement of the higher level stewardship that Natural England have placed on Hob Moor, that City of York Council maintain this area in a very specific way. One condition of this stewardship is that cows are used to graze Hob Moor. The Friends of Hob Moor are dedicated to ensuring that this area remains as a Local Nature Reserve and the requirements of Natural England are met. This is particularly important now because of the pressure on green belt areas.

This year the cows will remain on Hob Moor until the end of June when they will be taken off. During July the farmer will then cut the grass as necessary and treat certain patches of nettles and docks. At the end of July the cows will return until the end of the season, September or October, depending on the weather conditions.

If you want to know more about the management of Hob Moor, why not join the Friends of Hob Moor. You can attend our meetings and will receive a Newsletter twice each year keeping you updated on things happening on Hob Moor. Membership is £2 per year. If you want more details please message us.

Dawn Chorus: This Saturday, 28th April 2018, Friends of Hob Moor, in conjunction with a guide from the RSPB will be holding an event which starts at 06.00 am at the yellow railings on Little Hob Moor. Come and see how many different bird songs can be identified.

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