Upcoming Events on Hob Moor

28/04/18  Dawn Chorus. 6.00am at the Yellow Railings on Little Hob Moor. Come and see how many bird songs can be identified. An evening event will also be organised in September or October, date to be confirmed.

18/05/18 A Friday evening in May: Mayfield Woodland Walk. Steve, Ian and Malcolm Cresser would lead a walk from Little Hob Moor, through Mayfield Community Trust to the Railway Pond. See the different wild life and flowers there are in this natural area.

06/07/18  Balsam bashing. John Wood to lead this. Time 6.30pm meeting at the yellow railings.

28/07/18  Butterfly walk. Tony Fairburn will lead this. Tony will identify the various butterflies that can be seen on Hob Moor.

25/08/18 Bat Walk. Clair Merryfield would lead the Bat Walk. Come and listen to the sounds of bats flying overhead. There are many more than you imagine.

If you are interested in any of these events message and we will send you further details.

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