As might be expected, the flowers and hedgerows on Hob Moor attract many butterflies. On a warm sunny day, the hedgerows are full of butterflies flitting from flower to flower. Although the thistles and nettles are seen by many as weeds, they too attract butterflies and their caterpillars. The stinging nettle for example, will be home to caterpillars of the comma, peacock, small tortoiseshell and red admiral.

The following have been seen on Hob Moor: small tortoiseshell, comma, ringlet, meadow brown, gatekeeper, small white, large white, red admiral, peacock, brimstone, orange tip, green veined white, large skipper, small skipper, holly blue, speckled wood, small copper. Peacock caterpillars have been observed on nettle plants, painted lady on spear thistle and, on The Triangle, white plume moth and cinnabar moth caterpillars on ragwort.