To report damage etc. urgently on Hob Moor (24 hrs), contact York Council: 01904 625751

To report motor cyclists on Hob Moor, contact North Yorkshire Police: 101

To report dog problems:

  • If a dog bites a person, call the police and report the incident. (101 for a non-emergency, 999 for an emergency.)
  • If a dog bites another dog, also if there is any issue with people being harrassed or intimidated by dogs, call City of York Council at 01904 551551

For removal of fly-tipped debris, litter, graffiti etc.

Contact Pride in York:  01904 551551 (email:

For emergencies regarding the health and safety of the cattle:

  • Stockman (Andy Storey) 07539 236146 call first
  • Farmer (Simon Dunn) 07836313828
  • Weekdays: 01904 553392 (York Council)

For assistance with disabled access to the Moor:

Click here for information about obtaining a radar key which will provide access to a variety of facilities including disabled toilets and green spaces such as the locked  gates at Hob Moor. Keys can be purchased for £3 from the customer centre at West Offices or from the Tourist Info. Once individuals have the key it is theirs to keep.

6 Responses to Contacts

  1. Anita Brown says:

    I see that Japanese Knotweed is growing down near the Railway Line on Little Hobmoor, is this part of ‘Friends of Hobmoor’ It really needs to be got rid of quickly its not a large area and it is both very intrusive and not indiginous


  2. artyimages73 says:

    Hello. Just a quick question. I was walking on the Moor this evening between 5 and 630 pm , near the railway underpass. There was an exceptionally tall, slim man in roughly his late forties, dark haired and wearing a red and blue checked shirt who appeared to be loitering around myself and another young woman with long blonde hair and two springer spaniel type dogs. Something about him made me very uneasy. Has anybody else been worried by this individual and is it generally safe for women to walk their dogs on the Moor?


  3. David Jackson says:

    A older neighbour of mine has a wish to hear a skylark singing – it’s on her bucket list of things to do! What are the chances of hearing a skylark singing in flight at Hob Moor? Is there a best time of day?


  4. Catherine Moat says:

    Hi. Someone pointed out a large weed growing on the far side of the beck by the Hob Moor School gate. I think it might be Giant Hogweed…


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