History Walk

History walk 190819

And remember also…

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Two Upcoming Events

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Thistle Pulling On the Moor!

Thanks to all who helped! Nine bags of thistles and 6 tired people!


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Butterfly Walk

ButterflyWalk19Our next popular event is the annual butterfly walk. All are welcome. Butterfly nets and magnifying boxes are provided for a moment’s closer viewing before a happy release. This event is open to the public and is very child friendly too. For details, please see the poster to the right.

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Missing Dog?

From a reader: “Hi we’ve seen a potentially lost dog on hob moor in the Lidl area. Small, Black and Tan terrier, with a docked tail and purple collar. Very friendly just ran off before I could get a lead on! Could you let people know.” If you are missing this dog or have further information, please comment on this post.

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Buttercup Survey

Buttercup survey went well, all done in just over an hour. Chopping Thistles down, yes, 3 of us nearly filled a ton builders bag and just before it poured down at 7pm. How you can help—when you go on the North Lane Pasture take a pair of scissors or secateurs with you and as you take your walk cut those purple about to flower Thistle heads off because we don’t want them to flower. Brilliant, thanks. Photo of special wild flowers for us to treasure in North Lane pasture.

Can someone help identify these 2 different wildflowers in North Lane Pasture please? We need some Wildflower walks from an expert I do think!

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Trapped Cow Update

Cow trapped has been reported. Farmer on his way. We had a report at 6am this morning of a cow trapped at Hob Stone estate area. Thank you for your concern. Urgent phone numbers on the Contacts page of this website: https://fohm.org.uk/contacts/

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Information About the Cattle

HM cattle 2019

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Clifton Backies Visit

Clifton Backies 0519

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Spring Newsletter

Posted here: FoHM NEWSLETTER 42 April 2019 is posted here.

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