Welcome to the website for Friends of Hob Moor. If you are reading this soon after August 13, 2018, and aren’t expecting to see this, the website has had a make-over! This home page contains introductory information as well as a tip as to where to find things in quite a large website. If you’re looking for Events and News Items, please use the link above.

Hob Moor is part of Micklegate Stray and is also one of York’s four Local Nature Reserves. It has been used for grazing from the mediaeval period to the present day. Today it is still used for grazing in the summer months but is also a valuable area for wildlife and flora, as

well as a recreational area for dog-walkers, footballers, cyclists, pedestrians, birdwatchers and many others. It has a long history with records going back to 1374. It is the only area within York ring road where skylarks still nest which makes it a particularly rare and wonderful place to visit.

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