Working To Save Moor Tree

Update on story below: On Monday morning Pat Walker, site manager, organised 6 of his builders to clear the rubble and put a protective fence around the tree. Thanks to all who were considering helping, but the work is done!


Summer foliage of Liquidambar; in the autumn, leaves turn gold to several shades of red.

The tree on the boundary of the Hob Stone Development that has builder’s rubble at its base has been identified as Liquidambar, a species rarely seen in these parts. Unless all of the caustic rubble is removed, the tree will slowly die.

Friends of Hob Moor has set up the following times this week for those who wish to help remove the rubble: Mon. – Fri. 9 – 10am and 6 -7pm, until the rubble is gone. A message will be posted here and on Facebook when the job is done and help is no longer needed. If you would like to help us, please bring a spade.

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Skylarks Spotted

skylark-2-sFrom Stephanie, Chairperson of FOHM: “While walking across the middle of the Moor this afternoon I saw 3 Skylarks ascend from the Moor to the sky singing.”

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Hob Stone Tree Threatened

hobstonetreeSadly, we have to report this development in the buffer zone between the Hob Stone Housing and the Moor itself. Caustic builder’s rubble has been dumped against this tree which will kill it if left.

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Open Invitation to AGM

agm16Members and the public are warmly invited to the Friends of Hob Moor AGM at the West Thorpe Methodist Church meeting room on the 12th Oct at 7.30pm. Papers have gone out to members so keep an eye on email/post. There are vacancies on the committee, and anyone who is interested in joining should contact Stephanie Luxton at 01904 593788.

  • At 7:00 pm there will be a talk by Tony Fairburn, Chair of Clifton Backies. Tony will be speaking about the Clifton Backies nature reserve and how his life-long interest in butterflies, bats and nature came about.
  • At 7:30 pm the AGM will commence.
  • Link for the FOHM-agenda-agm-2016.
  • Link for the FOHM annual-report-2016.
  • Link for the FOHM agm-2015 minutes.
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September 2016 Newsletter

Please click here for the FOHM Autumn Newsletter.

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Bat Walk on August 20

The next event organised by Friends of Hob Moor is the bat walk on the 20th August starting at 8.30 pm with Clair Merrifield. Meeting at the Hob Stone on Little Hob Moor. To book your place call 07873 524239 or email

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Litter Picking On The Moor

Thanks to the 3 people who participated in litter picking on Hob Moor, and also thanks to people who go on their own and collect litter. Very grateful. The Moor is certainly looking better for it and the cattle protected from numerous plastic bottles and cans. The next litter pick on the 27th at 7pm will meet at the Green Lane white gated entrance to the Moor.

A large area from Lidl has been cleared on the first two litter picking sessions. Thank you to those 2 especially who turned up for both sessions.

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New Sign, New Bench and Litter Picks

IMG_2006New Sign: A new Hob Moor Information Sign has been erected at the Lidl entrance to the Moor. Collaboration between Friends’ secretary, Michael Thornton and Lidl management has filled the gap left due to construction of the Lidl store.

New Bench: Thanks to a ward grant, Friends of Hob Moor have installed a new bench on Hob Moor, coming out of the North Lane Pasture along the path ahead towards the Green Lane direction.

Litter Picking: Stephanie (Chair of Friends of Hob Moor) will be at the Lidl entrance to Hob Moor on July 19th, 21st, 27th, Aug 1st and 2nd at 7pm with litter picks and gloves and bags to litter pick for half an hour. Members of Friends of Hob Moor and the public are invited to join Stephanie.

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Butterfly Walk On The Moor

Butterflies - Small TortoiseshellFriends of Hob Moor are pleased to announce that Tony Fairburn has agreed to lead a butterfly walk on Hob Moor on August 7 at 2pm. Meeting place is the Hob Moor Drive entrance. Tony will provide guides and materials for participants. The walk is free and open to the public, but bookings are needed. Please call 07761 085091 to register for the walk.

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West Bank Park Summer Fair

News - West Bank Park 2009Find Friends of Hob Moor at West Bank Park Summer Fair – June 26, 1-4pm. Information, membership table, displays.

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