Bat Walk on August 20

The next event organised by Friends of Hob Moor is the bat walk on the 20th August starting at 8.30 pm with Clair Merrifield. Meeting at the Hob Stone on Little Hob Moor. To book your place call 07873 524239 or email

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Litter Picking On The Moor

Thanks to the 3 people who participated in litter picking on Hob Moor, and also thanks to people who go on their own and collect litter. Very grateful. The Moor is certainly looking better for it and the cattle protected from numerous plastic bottles and cans. The next litter pick on the 27th at 7pm will meet at the Green Lane white gated entrance to the Moor.

A large area from Lidl has been cleared on the first two litter picking sessions. Thank you to those 2 especially who turned up for both sessions.

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New Sign, New Bench and Litter Picks

IMG_2006New Sign: A new Hob Moor Information Sign has been erected at the Lidl entrance to the Moor. Collaboration between Friends’ secretary, Michael Thornton and Lidl management has filled the gap left due to construction of the Lidl store.

New Bench: Thanks to a ward grant, Friends of Hob Moor have installed a new bench on Hob Moor, coming out of the North Lane Pasture along the path ahead towards the Green Lane direction.

Litter Picking: Stephanie (Chair of Friends of Hob Moor) will be at the Lidl entrance to Hob Moor on July 19th, 21st, 27th, Aug 1st and 2nd at 7pm with litter picks and gloves and bags to litter pick for half an hour. Members of Friends of Hob Moor and the public are invited to join Stephanie.

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Butterfly Walk On The Moor

Butterflies - Small TortoiseshellFriends of Hob Moor are pleased to announce that Tony Fairburn has agreed to lead a butterfly walk on Hob Moor on August 7 at 2pm. Meeting place is the Hob Moor Drive entrance. Tony will provide guides and materials for participants. The walk is free and open to the public, but bookings are needed. Please call 07761 085091 to register for the walk.

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West Bank Park Summer Fair

News - West Bank Park 2009Find Friends of Hob Moor at West Bank Park Summer Fair – June 26, 1-4pm. Information, membership table, displays.

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Summer Solstice On The Moor

It was a beautiful early evening on Hob Moor, the sun shining and a big expanse of blue sky to be viewed. Five of us enjoyed sharing about our fondness for Hob Moor and its beauty, eating pasta and warm garlic bread with a coffee and sparkling water. The cattle were slowly moving in the distance together towards their drinking trough. Passers by were walking, cycling, dog walking and some maybe going home from work and some couples enjoying an evening stroll.

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Spring Newsletter

The Spring Newsletter can be found here: Newsletter Spring 2016

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Information About the Moor

brochureThere will be an Information Table on the Moor, Sat May 7 from 10am-noon at paths’ crossroads, Hob Moor Drive end. Stop by for info, treats and free poo bags.

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Large Turnout For Dawn Chorus

DawnChorus2Thanks to Barry Bishop, leader of York RSPB, for an excellent walk on the Moor on Saturday morning – sunny but chilly. Fifteen local people joined Barry and enjoyed his knowledge and humour. Birds heard or seen: Blackcap, Blackbird, Blue Tit, Chaffinch, Chiffchaff, Crow, Dunnock, Goldfinch, Great Tit, Herring Gull, House Sparrow, Long-tailed Tit,Magpie, Mallard, Robin, Song Thrush, Wren.

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Reminder: Dawn Chorus Walk – April 30

Chiffchaff*Change in meeting place – Yellow railings by the tunnel on Little Hob Moor.* We’re hoping for a great turnout for Barry Bishop, leader of RSPB York, who will share his bird song expertise at a Dawn Chorus Walk on Hob Moor on Saturday, April 30 at 6:00 am. The walk is free and open to the public.


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